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Tell us when something is wrong, like overgrown vegetation, broken bollards, railings and fencing or faded markings and signs or report a collision on-line

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Are you reporting an emergency that requires immediate attention?
Are you reporting an emergency that requires immediate attention?

Thank you for your report regarding : A road collision.

This form enables you to report collisions, which we may not otherwise receive information on. If the collision has caused damage that requires immediate attention e.g. obstruction to the highway, debris in the road, damage to street furniture etc., please report this damage separately on 01305 221020 so immediate action can be taken. Road traffic collision data is validated and provided to us by Dorset Police, however this data only includes collisions that result in personal injury. The information collected via this form will be looked at alongside the road traffic collision data received from Dorset Police. By reporting this collision to us, it will help to inform future works and investigations. If the collision resulted in any injuries, then this must be reported to Dorset Police. You can do this by following the link below:

Thank you

What time did the collision take place?
What time did the collision take place?

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